A 3-minute daily feature available free and clear to all radio stations and available as a podcast. There will be two :30 spots available with this. 5 Sponsorships available, contact us today to sign upThis has unlimited reach potential with key weekday airtimes. 

What some of our advertisers are saying:

“Sporting Journal Radio has been a nice way to get our message to a nice mix of people who we believe are our target market at a reasonable price.  Bret Amundson is very credible in the industry and we believe Lake of the Woods Tourism benefits by working with him and Sporting Journal Radio.”

-Joe Henry, Lake of the Woods Tourism. Partner since 2014.

“Sporting journal radio in my opinion has really helped us grow. I feel that the air time we get actually reaches potential customers that maybe would not know about us otherwise. They’ve been a good fit for us.

-Lucas Mertens Haybale Heights Campground and Resort. Partner since 2017.

“Sporting Journal Radio has been a great compliment to our marketing plan and we’ve been able to reach new audiences utilizing their sponsorship opportunities.”

– Trevor Montgomery, Owner Tazin Lake Lodge. Partner since 2016

Contact us today to get your business featured in front of thousands of outdoors men and women across the state of Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.   Call 218-209-2738 or fill out this form:

SJR Radio Advertising

Our radio show airs in 28 markets.

Commercial Inventory is sold out. But we have multiple sponsorship options available.

Inventory is available in :30 or :60 units.  Contact Bret for ad rates.

Options Available:

  • Trivia Sponsorship
  • Podcast Sponsorship
  • Title Sponsorship
  • Studio Sponsorship
  • Other packages available


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