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We’re here to give you more ways to enjoy them. You can listen to our radio show on 30 stations around Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin or you can listen on demand. Here are the different podcasts in the Sporting Journal Radio Family. The first one is the original Sporting Journal Radio show. The same one that airs on the radio network. The second one, called “Finding Fins” is dedicated only to fishing content and at times will feature a longer form interview than the one you hear on the radio show. The third, called “Finding Fur and Feathers,” is similar to Finding Fins, only it’s dedicated to hunting content. You also have the option of watching most of these interviews as well, by visiting our “WATCH” page. Thanks for listening!

Show #428: Rare Waterfowl Sightings Sporting Journal Radio

This week on Sporting Journal Radio, host Bret Amundson learns about a couple interesting waterfowl sightings in the region. Wildlife photographer Matt Sorum from Moorhead explains where he took 1,800 pictures of a Mandarin duck, which is rare to see outside of a zoo in the US. Hutchinson-based PPF Mud Motors owner Jake Powell talks […]
  1. Show #428: Rare Waterfowl Sightings
  2. Show #427: Advice for Chasing Muleys in the Mountains with Kids, How Was The Northern Minnesota Deer Opener, Minnesota Water Trails and More.
  3. Show #426: Deer Opener, Wolf Delisting, Walleyes, Muskies and More.
  4. Show #425: Elk hunting at -17, plus a diver report from OTC, Area fishing updates and On X Tip for pheasant hunters and more.
  5. Show #424: Nodak Birds, Minnesota Walleyes, On X Scouting Tips and More.


Finding Fins Show #16: Fall Muskies Finding Fins Fishing Podcast

On episode #16 of the Finding Fins Fishing Podcast, Host Bret Amundson learns more about fall muskie fishing. Why it’s generally considered the best time of year to target the big toothy predators, where to look, what to use and more. Guests include Dom Schneider from Savage Gear, Randin Olson from Lock Jaw Guide Service […]
  1. Finding Fins Show #16: Fall Muskies
  2. Otter Tail Lakes Country – Fishing Report 9/13/20
  3. Lake of the Woods Fishing Report – 9/12/20
  4. Finding Fins Show #15: Outreach
  5. Show #14: Finding Fins – Canadian Outfitter Survival

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Finding Fur and Feathers Show #14 – What Happens With Wolves Now? Finding Fur and Feathers Hunting Podcast

On show #14 of the Finding Fur and Feathers hunting podcast, host Bret Amundson discusses the wolf delisting and what it means for management in Minnesota. We also learn more about ongoing wolf research and what wolves are preying on year-round. Guests include Dave Olfelt, MN DNR Fish and Wildlife Division Director, Craig Engwall, Executive […]
  1. Finding Fur and Feathers Show #14 – What Happens With Wolves Now?
  2. Finding Fur and Feathers Episode 12: Pheasant Opener
  3. Finding Fur and Feathers Show #11: Potential New Waterfowl Regs, Cranes and More.
  4. Finding Fur and Feathers Show #10: Are you ready for the archery deer season?
  5. How Can The OnX Hunt App Help Track Your Deer.

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