SJR | Week 546: Anna V Outdoors Pt. 2


On this week’s show, we finish up our conversation with Anna V Outdoors. Bret Amundson and Anna V talk training hunting dogs, why politics is important in hunting and more. Bret and Dan Amundson also talk about their latest adventures, including open water fishing the Mississippi River, ice fishing the St Croix River, and fishing at Niagara Falls. David Eckhardt checks in from Texas, and Joe Henry gives us the latest from Lake of the Woods. 

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Anna V Outdoors talks about her dog kennel she opened and how she’s delegated the dog training to someone else. She also talks about her time as a pistol instructor. Anna brings up the Safari Club International convention and why she loves that event so much. She also mentions how great SCI is even though she doesn’t do much big game hunting.

Bret and Anna also talk about the role politics play in hunting and gun rights. They bring up why it’s important for people to take an interest in what our elected officials are doing, because life as we know it could be erased if we don’t fight for it.

Bret and Dan start the show by talking about how they caught fish on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River. Dan talks about what river conditions were like and how that compares to other times of the year. They also talk about ice fishing for sturgeon on the St Croix and how Dan lost his “sturgeonity.”

Joe Henry checks in while leaving Lake of the Woods to tell us how fishing is right now. He also talks about his time fishing with congressman Pete Stauber.

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