Show #21: Finding Fur and Feathers – MN DNR TOWN HALL: Waterfowl Regulations

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On Thursday April 1st, The Minnesota DNR held a virtual town hall that we participated in to discuss the potential waterfowl changes in the state. In this episode (21:39) of Finding Fur and Feathers we hear questions from hunters and the DNR’s responses regarding an early teal season vs bonus teal, a shorter split in the southern zone, possible zone changes including adding a river zone, increasing the canada goose bag limit, the effects of minnow dealers and rearing ponds on freshwater shrimp and other duck forage and more. Watch the full town hall here.

From host Bret Amundson: I asked a question about a swan season and expanding the crane season to statewide. The populations can support a harvest on both. I would like to see a crane season statewide. As far as a swan season, I can go either way. The recovery has been remarkable, but we could definitely support a hunting season, although the non-hunting community could potentially take issue. Swans have been known to push out nesting ducks on small ponds and sloughs which could negatively affect populations.

I would also like to explore the possibility of creating two zones, north and south and then creating a river zone, whether it would be Mississippi or Minnesota. I would prefer the Minnesota, because that’s where I hunt a lot. One way or another I would like to see some late season mallard opportunities.

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