Baby vs Baby Deer: VIDEO



Check out this video of a young child playing with a mule deer fawn.

From the video description:

SD_Hunting_C2_300x250Story……Baaaaby is the Deers name. Crowned by our 2 year old. Baaaaby’s mom we believe was killed by a car and I found him trying to jump a fence onto I-25. He has been rehabilitated and released back into a wild herd.

My mom (:The Wildlife Whisperer”) hand fed him until he joined the herd.

He comes back every 4-5 days when the herd comes through the neighborhood and stops to visit. He is very gentle and will walk with the dogs and plays with them.


We always encourage people not to interact with wild animals for safety reasons.  Also, because the mother is usually nearby.  This is incredible video, but we kept waiting for the child to get kicked by the deer.

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