Want to see what it looks like to pull a truck out of the lake?

The thoughts that go through one’s mind when the ice beneath your vehicle gives away and you plunge into the icy water have to center on safety.  But what happens once the life threatening situation is over and you’re warm and dry with a cup of coffee?  That’s when these guys get to work.  Extracting a car that’s broken through ice is not cheap, but there’s a reason for that:  There’s a lot of cold, wet work in involved.

Recently a truck broke through on Pelican Lake.  Fortunately the water wasn’t too deep, but still deep enough that complicated process was needed to pull the truck out.

Gary Thompson and Tri State Diving are the brains of this operation.  Check out the extraction video:

Pickup Extraction on Pelican Lake, MN with Tri State Diving from Ben Shane on Vimeo.

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