City Limit Honkers

Often times, you find yourself miles away from nowhere with four-hours-and-counting logged in drive time. With Gas station mozzarella sticks, caffeine flowing through your veins, and the truck thermometer dipping into the thirties, life couldn’t be better. We were searching for birds in the sea of corn, beans and wheat.

Then the flip-side: work, school and other responsibilities do a great job of interfering with hunting time.  So, what’s wrong with cutting your drive time from five hours to about fifteen minutes . . . nothing.

As Bret & I left town to check out an amazing deer hunting property, we ran across a cut corn field defining the edge of city limits and stacked with limits of honkers.  I made a quick phone call, and the plan formed to fill that field with hunters with guns in tow for the coming morning.  To illustrate how close we were to the city, we parked the trucks in a playground parking lot.

The sun started to rise, quickly becoming obscured by the ominous rain clouds. The wind was light and variable at times, which would prove to be a thorn in our sides. The first pair of geese wanted nothing to do with us as they skirted our spread and landed elsewhere in the field. This will do a great job of scaring any waterfowler. Covered in survey sticks, the field was marked to be developed in the coming days.

Little did we know, construction workers became our saving grace. Soon, they started ripping up the opposite side of the field as the birds started to arrive. They couldn’t land in the other side of the field, so they funneled into our spread. Even though some flocks favored one side of the spread, the vast majority put their feet down mere feet in front of the blinds.

After the dust and feathers cleared and the bulldozers were most certainly ready to overtake our positions, we left the field with a six man Minnesota early season limit!

With four video cameras laying down film, the footage from this hunt was amazing. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for this video.

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