SJR | Week 566: What’s Up at Delta Waterfowl??


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, David Eckhardt and Dan Amundson get to learn about some of the history of Delta Waterfowl and what they’re up to these days. Brad Heidel and Paul Wait are on the show to talk about what they’re doing to put more ducks over decoys with predator control and more. They also talk about the upcoming Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunter’s Expo coming up at the end of the month. Joe Henry joins the show from the ICAST show floor and gives us a quick walk around, and also talks about how some new products will be killer for Lake of the Woods. Bret, Dan and David start the show discussing a recent Invasive Species situation and how there might be bag limits on mushrooms soon. 

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Brad Heidel and Paul Wait are on this week’s podcast to discuss a few things Delta Waterfowl has been doing. They talk about efforts to control nest predator populations, building hen houses and more. The Million Duck Campaign is also brought up.

The topic of non-resident waterfowl regulations in places like Manitoba and Kansas also comes up. The guys talk about the pros and cons of these rules and whether or not it will actually help or hinder the waterfowling world. The Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunter’s Expo is also previewed.

Joe Henry of course checks in with us, and this week he’s at ICAST. He joins us from the show floor and gives us a little walkaround while talking about how some new products will be used up at Lake of the Woods.

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