SJR | Week 563: The Truth about Barotrauma & Fishing Deep Water

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson learn the truth about barotrauma on fish. Jeremy Smith from Lindner’s Angling Edge joins the show to talk about a study he was a part of this winter regarding crappies and barotrauma. He tells us what they found when it comes to fish in deep water. Can they be caught and released? Does reeling fish up slow help? How deep is too deep? Joe Henry is back to talk about all of the different options anglers have when they go to the Walleye Capital of the World. 

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Jeremy Smith from Lindner’s Angling Edge was a part of a research team that looked into the truth about barotrauma this winter. They targeted crappies, as they are a popular game fish and go deep in the winter. They looked into what depths caused issues, how many fish experienced signs of barotrauma, and if reeling fish up slowly actually helps or not. Jeremy shares what they found out.

He also talks about his excitement to get to Tazin Lake Lodge this summer. He tells us about some of his other Canadian adventures, how forward-facing sonar has changed the game up there and more.

Joe Henry is back and talks about the diversity of Lake of the Woods when it comes to lodging and fishing options. He tells us about all of the different resorts and what people can find when they go to different resorts at the Northwest Angle, the south shore and the Rainy River.

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