SJR | Week 561: Livescope and Walleyes


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson talk walleye fishing, livescope controversy, and some science of walleyes. Bret and Dan start off the show talking about some more controversy on livescope. Is it good or bad for fishing? Then the conversation with fisheries biologist and tournament angler Ali Shakoor is replayed. He talks about the reasoning behind some fishing regulation changes and some research on walleyes he’s doing. Joe Henry also gives us a Lake of the Woods fishing report. 

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Bret and Dan bring up an article in the Star Tribune about forward facing sonar and whether or not it’s good or bad for fishing as a whole. There’s been some pushback on people saying that technology won’t ruin fishing, while others are saying it will be the end of the sport as we know it. Bret and Dan express their opinions on the controversy. What do you think?

Joe Henry joins the show again and gives us the latest report from Lake of the Woods. What’s the bite like? When is the best time to go to Lake of the Woods? What’s the logic for catching more big fish?

Then we replay one of our favorite interviews of the year so far. We bring back our discussion with fisheries biologist and tournament angler Ali Shakoor. He talks about some walleye regulation changes and why he thinks it was made. Did it make sense? He also talks about walleye movements, patterns and how different lakes aren’t that different.

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  1. It’s up to the state to drop the limit down walleye’s dropped by 2 from its limit , so for state limits of 6 to for and Leech 4 limit to 2 , depending on the lake. For walleye, crappies , sunfish. Don’t blame the ability to locate and catch the fish , blame the fishermen for keeping them. You don’t see Muskie fishermen keeping everything they catch, their happy to release the fish.

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