SJR | Week 556: The Science Behind Walleyes


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, David Eckhardt and Dan Amundson learn more about the science behind walleyes. Tournament angler and biologist Ali Shakoor joins the show to talk to us about walleye spawning, whether keeping big walleyes makes a difference in populations and more. Ali is full of knowledge and has some fascinating stuff for us this week. Joe Henry also joins to play some turkey trivia and to tell us why you should book a charter boat trip at Lake of the Woods this summer.

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Ali Shakoor is a smart guy when it comes to walleyes. He’s been studying these fish on Lake Erie for a while, and has been digging into the effects of blue-green algae bloom on walleyes in Lake Erie. He joins the show this week and updates us on that research, and other science behind walleyes.

We also ask Ali what he thinks about the new regulations on Red Lake and whether he think it makes sense. He gives us his educated opinion and talks about slot limits on walleyes in this area.

He hits on catch and keep fishing tournaments and what he thinks about catch and release fishing tournaments. He’s fished a few, so he shares what he’s found from both of those tournaments and if he thinks catch and release tournaments will ever be the future of all fishing tournaments. Ali mentions what he thinks about whether anglers keeping big walleyes really makes a difference in a fishery, and how Lake Erie and other lakes are different, but the fish can be strikingly similar.

Joe Henry also joins to tell us why charter boat trips are a really smart way to take a fishing trip to Lake of the Woods.

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