SJR | Week 555: What is MN-FISH??


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, David Eckhardt and Dan Amundson learn what is MN-FISH and what they’re working on right now. Steve Pennaz will join to tell us what issues in the world of Minnesota fishing the organization is tackling and how they’re doing it. Joe Henry gives us some Minnesota Fishing opener tips for Lake of the Woods, and Erik Osberg will tell us what the lakes are looking like in Otter Tail County.

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Steve Pennaz is our first guest this week. He is on the board for MN-FISH. So what is MN-FISH? They’re an advocacy group looking to improve fishing in Minnesota. Steve tells us how MN-FISH does that, what they do to help the state of Minnesota and more. He talks about what projects they’re tackling right now and what progress is being made on live bait shortages, boat ramps and more.

Joe Henry joins the show after Steve Pennaz and previews the 2023 Minnesota Fishing Opener at Lake of the Woods. He shows us what his go-to presentations are and tells us where exactly to go find fish on opening day. He also tells us what this late spring will mean as far as walleye movement.

Then Erik Osberg wraps things up and tells us what the lakes are looking like in Otter Tail County. He talks about what his favorite spring activities are while waiting for lakes to open up and talks about previous governor’s fishing openers.

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