SJR | Week 554: New Walleye Regs & Catching Dinosaurs


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, David Eckhardt and Dan Amundson discuss the new walleye regs on Red Lake, flooding conditions on the rivers and whether shootouts are better than 3v3 for NHL overtime. Randin Olson joins the show, and he’ll tell us about sturgeon in Otter Tail Lake, the upcoming Prairie Sportsman episode featuring some Otter Tail Lakes Country muskies, and his Rainy River trip. Joe Henry joins us to wrap up the show and will give us the latest on the Rainy River. 

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There were some new walleye regs announced for the open water season on Red Lake, and it surprised some folks. The guys discuss these new regulations and why they think these limits were put in place. The reasoning is probably a little different than what you think. Share with us your thoughts on the new walleye regs for Red Lake.

Randin Olson joins us for the third segment to tell us about his new self-imposed fishing limits on walleyes and panfish for his guiding season. Randin and the crew come up with a new YouTube video plan for sturgeon fishing in Otter Tail County, and Randin also discusses his recent trip to the Rainy River.

Joe Henry hops on the show for the last segment to give us the latest report from the Rainy River. He tells us about sturgeon fishing up there, using livescope on the river for walleyes and more.

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