SJR | Week 553: Rainy River 500


On this week’s show, we’re back at River Bend Resort for the 2nd Annual SJR Rainy River 500 fishing tournament. We recap the tournament, tell you some of our favorite stories from the week including dodging icebergs while fighting personal best sturgeon. Tournament winners are also announced, and we have the latest Rainy River conditions. A couple winners also have some cool tagged sturgeon tagging stories. 

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Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt swap stories on some of the fish they caught this week and talk about what the river was like. Greg Jones and Joe Henry also talk about the fish they caught including two 60 inch sturgeon on walleye gear. They also talk about the donation of some entry fee money to Keep it Clean.

Then we’ll meet the winners of the Rainy River 500 tournament. Jonathan Narverud joins first to talk about the sucker he caught which won the other fish category. Supposedly it was pushing state records…

Chris Novak and Eric Solo join to talk about tying for 2nd place in the sturgeon category. They talk about what they were doing to catch big sturgeon. Nathan Vleck is the sturgeon champ and he wraps up the segment talking about his winning fish and a tagged sturgeon he caught recently.

Finally we meet the walleye category winners. Ryan Rondeau talks about the two big walleyes he entered and the even bigger walleye he caught before tournament hours started. Sabra LeBrasseur tells us about her 2nd place walleye she caught with Joe and Greg, and unfortunately our walleye winner had to take off early.

It was an even better turnout this year, and bigger fish got entered. We’re already planning for next year’s derby. April 9th and 10th. Make plans to join us. It was a blast!!

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