SJR | Week 552: 76 Northern Pike over 40″

northern pike over 40

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt talk to Tazin Lake Lodge fishing guide Rylan Parrott about his unreal ice fishing season. He caught over 70 Northern Pike over 40″… He’ll tell us all about it and show us some of the unique spots he caught these fish. We’ll also talk Tazin lake trout and more. Joe Henry is also on the show to talk about the upcoming Rainy River fishing tournament and gives us a fishing report. 

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Rylan Parrott is dialed in on big fish, whether it’s lake trout at Tazin Lake or Pike in other parts of Canada. He caught an insane amount of Northern Pike over 40″ this winter. He did it wearing some crazy outfits while sitting on a couch he found in the city and had a sunken car in his background. Sounds made up right? He has video of the whole thing.

Rylan also talks about his first season at Tazin Lake Lodge. He tells the story of the biggest lake trout he boated, how he got a nose bleed when he caught his first giant laker, and how he can’t wait to get back there this year.

Joe Henry gets us excited for next week’s Rainy River fishing tournament by telling us how fishing has been and what people are using. Sounds like sturgeon fishing is really good right now, and the walleyes are just starting to heat up.

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