SJR | Week 551: The Future of Non-Resident Hunting Licenses & Early Season Turkey Tips


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt are joined by Sam Soholt to talk early season turkey hunting tips and tactics, hunting land access and what the future might look like as far as non-resident licenses, lotteries and more. Sam also tells us about his latest trip to New Zealand. Joe Henry also joins the show to tell us what conditions are like on the Rainy River, and he talks about new Keep it Clean legislation. 

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Sam Soholt is our first guest, and he talks about what the beginning of turkey season will look like with all of the snow on the ground and the cold weather. He has some tips for hunters who have tags and plans to hunt the first few weeks of the season, regardless of what state they’re in.

He also talks about what the future of non-resident hunting licenses might look like. We’ve seen some states put caps, quotas and other restrictions to non-resident hunting licenses more in recent years. The gang discusses possible reasons to why these changes are made and if it will lead to a better or worse future for our hunting. Land access is also discussed, and why having good quality land access is so critical.

Joe Henry caps off the show and talks about how the Rainy River is opening up and fishing has been good, but people are still ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. He also talks about some new legislation regarding Keep It Clean, and why people should come up for the SJR 500 fishing tournament.

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