SJR | Week 549: North Dakota Fishing Tournament Changes Pt 2


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt get another perspective on the North Dakota fishing tournament changes. Geremy Olson shares his perspective on why he’s fighting for a change, even though he’s not a hardcore tournament angler. The crew also talks about changes to Manitoba waterfowl hunting, some potential gun law changes in Minnesota and more. Joe Henry also joins to remind us that ice fishing is still going strong at Lake of the Woods.  

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The guys start off the show talking about the new Manitoba waterfowl regulations regarding non-resident licenses. Bret tells us what the deal is and how it’s not as bad as people initially thought. He also shares some info that one of our sources told us that most news outlets aren’t reporting, and it’s good news for non-resident waterfowlers.

Geremy Olson is and has been working hard on North Dakota HB 1538, which would lead to some North Dakota fishing tournament changes. He tells us the negative sides of the way fishing tournaments are right now and how it affects charities, fire departments, local economies and tournament organizations.

He tells us what we can do to have our voice heard on this topic (no matter what side anyone is on) and how voices are actually heard.

Joe Henry is also on this week to remind us that ice fishing is still going strong at Lake of the Woods and probably will for a while, but be sure to check with resorts as ice conditions can change rapidly this time of year.

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