SJR | Week 545: Bird Hunting with Anna V Outdoors


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt talk bird hunting Anna V Outdoors. They chat bird dogs, pheasant hunting, competitions, and how Anna V got into the hunting industry. Randin Olson joins the show from the ice to talk about tullibee fishing and how to handle bug hatches in the winter. Joe Henry also joins the show to talk about how Lake of the Woods always has an extended ice fishing season. 

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Anna V talks about living in Georgia and her hunting opportunities down there. She also talks about how she got into bird hunting competitions and how she fell in love with them. She also talks a little bit about dog training, bringing a 2 year old (kid) to hunting competitions, and her strong hatred for snakes. Stay tuned, as we’ll talk more bird hunting with Anna V next week!

Randin Olson from Lock Jaw Guide Service is back, and he’s on the ice once again. He talks about a myth of tullibees having healing powers, and shares some insight on how to catch these different fish. Randin also talks about how to fish during bug hatches in the winter and why he’ll prefer a lead jig over tungsten in these situations.

And of course Joe Henry from Lake of the Woods Tourism joins the show to remind everyone that Lake of the Woods has an extended ice fishing season.

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