SJR | Week 543: Broadcasting In the Ice House on Lake of the Woods


We’re broadcasting from the ice house on Lake of the Woods this week! We’re at River Bend Resort with some members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers doing some walleye fishing. We talk about fishing, what products we’re trying out, how ice is, and some cool stories we’ve learned about ice fishing at Lake of the Woods.

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Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson talk about using Livescope for walleyes, how fun it is using reaction baits, and more. River Bend Resort guide Alex Peterson jumps in the ice house too to talk about how Lake of the Woods is doing, why anglers might see more smaller saugers and walleyes in the winter, and how to target bigger walleyes.

Then we head back to the resort and talk to Joe Henry. Joe just got back from a show in Chicago and is making a TV appearance from one of the on-ice bars at Lake of the Woods. He talks about the two bars on the ice and how unique they are.

Greg Jones from Midwest Outdoors. Greg spends a lot of time at River Bend Resort, and he talks about some of the people he’s met from across the country who come to Lake of the Woods to ice fish. He talks about his favorite way to fish up here and how he enjoys playing guitar at the resort.

Dan Small also joins the show to talk about his experience at Lake of the Woods. Dan is a longtime member of AGLOW, and he tells us why he likes the organization and the people in it. He also tells us why he likes River Bend, and why he likes Lake of the Woods.

We’ll have more from River Bend next week!

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