SJR | Week 542: Northern Pike Ice Fishing in Mid-Winter


On this week’s show, we talk northern pike ice fishing in the middle of the winter, driving safely on the ice, walleye fishing and do some trout trivia!

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Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt talk about new open water tungsten jigs from Northland Tackle, ice fishing rivers and turkey mounts. Randin Olson then joins the show and participates in some Trout Trivia with Dan and David.

Randin then talks about how ice fishing has been for him this year. He talks about the ice conditions, some of the weirdest ice houses he’s seen, and what’s been working for him as far as catching walleyes and crappies. Randin also talks about how more anglers are targeting northern pike ice fishing, and how they’re a good fish to eat.

Joe Henry also joins the show to give us the latest fishing report from Lake of the Woods. He tells us how a lot of anglers are doing some northern pike ice fishing up there as well, and how a lot of big pike are coming up topside.

He also talks about driving trucks on the ice safely. He mentions the recommended speed and what happens when people drive too fast on lakes. Joe then mentions what’s working best for walleyes at Lake of the Woods and explains the difference between a regular glow lure and a UV glow lure. They don’t work the same, and that might be why you’re not catching as many fish as you’d expect.

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