SJR | Week 541: Potential Record Whitetail Shot


On this week’s show, we talk about a potential record whitetail shot this fall. Blake Rice from TSS Shot tells us the story about his giant deer he took with his bow and how he went through an emotional rollercoaster that day. Blake also talks about using more lethal shot when turkey or waterfowl hunting. Joe Henry then joins the show to give us a fishing report from Lake of the Woods. 

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Blake Rice gives us the lowdown on this absolute freak of a whitetail he shot in Illinois this year. He tells us how he almost gave up on the hunt, how a farmer almost wrecked it, and how crazy his emotions were when he saw this potential record whitetail.

He also talks about using TSS Shot for turkeys and waterfowl and how tungsten is a better option than steel. He shares his experiences with it in a bunch of different settings. He also talks about Tungsten puddy and how it can be used for fishing.

Joe Henry then joins the show with another ice fishing report from Lake of the Woods. He tells us how the walleye and sauger bite is, but also talks about how people are cooking some of the eelpout they’re catching. He also talks about some lures that intrigue him and how he’s excited for a bunch of new people to check out the Walleye Capital of the World soon.

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