SJR | Week 540: Lake Trout Ice Fishing Tips


On this week’s show, we go from Lake Trout fishing tips in Minnesota to the importance of snowmobile safety. Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt tell some snowmobile stories and how it’s been dangerous. Then Joe Henry joins to tell us some of his scary snowmobile stories and gives us some tips on lure choice at Lake of the Woods. Scott Mackenthun also joined to tell us about his recent trip to Lake of the Woods and to give us some tips on fishing for Lake Trout through the ice. 

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Joe Henry has some safety tips for snowmobiling, especially if you’re at Lake of the Woods. He tells us about his nephew’s scary incident on a sled and what he did to potentially save his life. He also talks about what lures and colors are good for catching walleyes right now at Lake of the Woods. Scott Mackenthun chimes in to tell us about taking a foreign exchange student ice fishing at Lake of the Woods for the first time.

Scott then gives us some Lake trout ice fishing tips. Trout season opens up in Minnesota this weekend, so Scott gives us the rundown on lake trout lure choices, how to cut your holes, and more to have better success on the ice this weekend.

He also tells us about how he’s now coaching archery through NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) for New Prague schools. He tells us what that program is all about and why it’s beneficial to students and the outdoors.

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