SJR | Week 535: Hunting Trips Across the Nation


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson talk about upland hunting trips and unique duck hunting opportunities across the country, along with traveling to the Northwest Angle this winter.

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Ben Brettingen from OnX Hunt is back to talk about some of his upland bird hunting adventures and what he’s learned. He talks about running his dogs through different terrain including cacti in the desert. He talks about dog injuries and other issues that can happen with some of these different hunting trips.

Joe Henry from Lake of the Woods Tourism joins the show once again to tell us about getting to the Northwest Angle to ice fish this winter. Thankfully the Canadian border is open again after a few years of changing rules and regulations, so driving up that way is an option, but there’s also a few other ways to get north to your favorite Northwest Angle resort. Joe explains the various ways to get there and why the Northwest Angle is a place to check out this winter.

Then Thomas Hoke joins us in studio for the first part of his two-part interview. Thomas is from Virginia, but is working for Cory Loeffler and DRC Calls. He talks about hunting in Minnesota compared to Virginia and some of the cool things he’s filmed. He also tells us about his YouTube channel. He shares why he started it and what people can expect to see there.

We’ll have more with Thomas coming up next week, so be sure to stay tuned to Sporting Journal Radio for more!

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