SJR | Week 534: Duck Hunting and Hearing Protection


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson talk about the importance of hearing protection when hunting, waterfowl and wildlife photography, changes in duck migration patterns and how the ice is forming at Lake of the Woods.

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Art Diaz from Alclair Outdoors joined the show to talk about why every hunter should be wearing hearing protection while hunting and shooting. He stresses the fact that once your hearing is gone it won’t ever come back, and ultimately the price for good hearing protection is no different than buying decoys or a new trailer, and is more important.

Art is also a talented waterfowl photographer. He and Bret nerd out for a bit talking about the nuances and challenges of taking pictures of ducks and geese in the field and why they like it so much. They also talk about the changes of duck and goose patterns in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Then we check in with Joe Henry before wrapping up the show to get an update on the progress of the ice at Lake of the Woods. He tells us some guys are getting out. Are they on the big lake yet? Are the fish biting? We find out. Joe also tells everyone to stop by and say hi at the Saint Paul Ice Show this weekend and chat about ice fishing at Lake of the Woods.

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