Finding Fins Show #52: Why Should You Get the New Livescope??

On this podcast, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson chat with Danny Thompson from Garmin about why you should get the new Livescope Plus for this ice fishing season.

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Danny gives us the rundown on what makes this new Livescope Plus so special. He tells us how the LVS34 transducer is a big upgrade from the LVS32 including a difference in stitch points, and did he really say they fixed the ghost tree problem?

He also tells us about the Garmin ice bundle that is available now which includes everything you need to run a livescope on the ice this winter. Danny breaks down why this is a great deal and should be an option you explore if you’re looking for a setup this ice fishing season.

Of course we can’t have a conversation with Danny Thompson without mentioning deer hunting. Danny recaps his season so far, talks about the prime hunting land he has for sale, and how he still has hopes for another big buck to hit the ground.

Be sure to stop by and see Danny at the Garmin booth at the Saint Paul Ice Show this weekend, and tell him you heard him on the Finding Fins Fishing Podcast, and ask him about using the livescope at Tazin Lake Lodge. He caught some pretty big fish and the livescope made it even cooler.


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