Waterfowl Hunters and the Avian Flu: What you need to know

What is Avian Flu?

  • Avian flu (bird flu) is a common, naturally occurring virus in birds that has many forms or subtypes.
  • Scientists believe all birds are susceptible to infection by some form of avian flu. Some birds, like waterfowl, can be infected with the virus but develop no signs of illness.
  • Birds become infected through direct contact with secretions or feces of infected birds, contaminated surfaces, or infected food and water supplies. It also may be possible for wild birds to transfer the virus by their feet, feathers or dander.

What are the signs of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza?

  • HPAI symptoms in wild birds can include: nervousness, ….READ MORE.

From Ducks Unlimited.

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