SJR | Week 529: Preventing Cheating in Fishing Tournaments


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson get a tournament director’s perspective on how to prevent cheating in fishing tournaments. Upper Red Lake ice fishing is talked about, the guys’ layout boat duck hunting trip is recapped, and a new guest makes his SJR debut.

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5:23 – Bret and Dan talk about the new walleye regulations on Upper Red Lake, and Dan goes on a rant about walleye limits across the state. A new YouTube video is also teased.

10:08 – Brad Durick joins the show to give us his input on Jake Runyon and Chase Cominsky getting caught stuffing weights and fish fillets into walleyes during a tournament on Lake Erie. He tells us about his experiences using polygraphs for tournaments. Brad explains the cost behind the tests, and how he administers the test to the winners of his tournaments. He also talks about what can happen if an angler suspects another angler is cheating in a fishing tournament.

Brad also chats about fishing for Channel Catfish on the Red River, how the flooding on the Red River has changed over the years, and the recent success his son had during the youth deer season.

36:39 – Joe Henry from Lake of the Woods Tourism picks Bret and Dan’s brains about their recent trip duck hunting out of layout boats at the Northwest Angle. They talk about the process of getting set up, how the hunts went, how comfortable the boats are, and how fishing was up at Lake of the Woods. Joe also previews the upcoming ice fishing season.

52:45 – Cody Hill from CHill Guide Service made his Sporting Journal Radio debut to tell us about how fishing has been in Otter Tail Lakes Country. He tells us how he’s catching walleyes and smallmouth bass right now, and also tells us how he’s getting ready for hardwater fishing. Cody talks about how he’s excited to get back on the ice and chase some odd fish that others might not always target.

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