SJR | Week 528: What Are Duck Populations Like?


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson talk duck populations and swap hunting stories with Chris Sebastian. They also talk about getting ready for ice fishing and how you should get some work done now to make your first outing on the ice a successful one.

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Chris Sebastian from Ducks Unlimited joins the show to tell us how duck populations are doing across the country. He talks about some proof that the work organizations like Ducks Unlimited does is working, and why certain ducks like Pintails are still a species of concern for DU. Chris also talks about duck hunting at Kodiak Island in Alaska and gives Bret and Dan an idea for what they can expect in December when they go up.

Then Joe Henry from Lake of the Woods Tourism talks about the recent Chili Bowl fishing tournament on the Rainy River. He lets us know how fishing is going right now. He also talks about why people should start thinking about ice fishing right now if they want to have a better ice fishing season. He tells us what he’d do to his equipment, along with booking a trip to a resort right now.

Erik Osberg also talks about ice fishing and what anglers need to do right now to be ready once the ice freezes. He has tips from checking batteries and augers, to stripping line off reels right now to force you to re-rig. He also gives us some tips on using milk crates and catch covers together, along with showing us a homemade rod holder.

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