SJR | Week 526: Alternative Energy From Manure?


On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson learn about an alternative energy source that’s starting to catch on and involves manure. We also learn the best ways to fish the Rainy River in the fall, and find out what’s happening in Otter Tail Lakes Country right now.

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7:12 – Brandon Butler from Roeslein Alternative Energy joined the show to tell us about the new alternative energy that Roeslein is working on. He tells us how they’re capturing methane from various manure and turning it into natural gasses. Not only does it capture the methane and keeping it out of the atmosphere, but it provides an energy source as well. Brandon explains how it doesn’t take much energy to take the manure and turn it into energy as well.

Brandon also explains what the next step for Roeslein, and how they’re going to work to restore prairie grasslands. He tells us how their plan for restoring prairies will also provide alternative energy, all while helping wildlife and farmers.

38:49: Then Joe Henry gives us a playbook on how to fish for walleyes on the Rainy River in the fall. He tells us what jigs he’d start with and what plastics he’ll pair with those jigs. Joe also explains when he’ll go to crankbaits and where on the Rainy River he’ll look for walleyes.

50:01: Erik Osberg from Otter Tail Lakes Country chimes in to give us an update on what’s happening in his neck of the woods. He tells us about his recent fishing adventures, how football season is going for him, and more. Bret and Erik discuss their time musky fishing and how duck hunting in the area is.

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