SJR | Week 521: Waterfowl Season Outlook


Happy waterfowl season opener! Early Teal and early goose seasons in Minnesota open up this weekend, while seasons in North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin continue. In honor of that, we talked to John Devney from Delta Waterfowl to get a waterfowl season outlook.

We talk about how waterfowl breeding conditions were, what duck numbers look like and what needs to happen to get better waterfowl habitat. He talks about what water on the prairies can do for ducks and if you can ever have too much. He also discusses what effect the avian influenza might’ve had on the snow goose hatch, and what the rules are on bringing ducks and geese back home from Canada. Regardless, it’s going to be a fun waterfowl season!

Then Joe Henry joins the show to talk about a unique cast and blast opportunity at Lake of the Woods. He discusses how you can shoot 3 different species of grouse, and there’s a ton of public land for hunters to wander. Of course there’s the chance to catch a pile of walleyes while you do it!

Garett Svir from Slab Seeker Fishing is back to discuss fall crappie fishing in Otter Tail Lakes Country, along with chasing big brown trout at night on the Brule River. He discusses his recent trip to the Brule, along with how he’s getting ready for steelhead season. He talks about what kind of gear to use. Garett also tells us how people can get ahold of him if anyone else is interested in chasing steelhead along the North Shore.

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  1. Wow. You guys are talking trash about the teal season because you want to hunt ducks in a private cornfield when there might be ducks around for the lucky few with access to productive fields… thats 5 extra days of duck hunting that we can not put anywhere else on the calendar (so your plan isn’t even allowed), that you are in no way forced to hunt, and it’s when the target species is at its peak migration- generally speaking. Whoever the guest guy is, you say the early teal season didnt do anything for us…. what does that even mean??? Of course it did. Maybe not for you, but it did for those who arent scared of doing what we have to do every day of the duck season anyways…. which is identify what we are shooting before pulling the trigger. You’re wrong about not wanting to hunt teal up north too btw…. we can ID teal just fine up here.

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