MN DNR: Make a Plan For Deer Hunting Season

As 400,000 hunters prepare for deer hunting this firearms opening weekend, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds them to plan ahead for the 2021 hunting season.

“A safe and enjoyable hunt starts with good preparation. To assist hunters with that preparation, we’ve put a wealth of general and area-specific information on our website,” said DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen. “We hope these tools contribute to a safe and successful deer season with family and friends.”

A successful hunt requires planning no matter which deer permit area hunters are in. All you need is your DPA number to use our online make a plan tool, which provides a comprehensive list of information hunters need to consider before heading to deer camp.

  1. Buy a license. It starts with deciding which deer permit area you will be hunting so you can buy the appropriate license.
  2. Get your deer tested if requiredInvest in the health of Minnesota’s wild deer by participating in chronic wasting disease If you’ll be hunting in a CWD surveillance, control or management zone, sampling is mandatory opening weekend Nov. 6-7 for all deer one year of age or older.
  3. Know the regulations. Read up on the regulations for your deer permit area, including how to register deer and how harvested deer must be handled and transported in certain areas to help prevent the spread of disease.
  4. Know where you will have your deer If you plan to use a meat processor, contact them ahead of time to be sure they’re accepting whole deer from hunters this year. If you plan to butcher your own deer, you must properly dispose of the carcass (head and spinal column). We have videos to help you process your own deer and assist those hunting in a CWD control or management zone.
  5. Be safe. Practice the four tenets of firearms safety, know how to set up and use the tree stand safely, wear a safety harness and wear blaze clothing.
  6. Enjoy the hunt! Have fun, make memories and keep the tradition alive. Share deer camp and deer hunting photos directly with the DNR or on your social media accounts using the hashtag #DeerCampMN and #HuntMN.


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