Show #1: The Saga of Peeps the Canada Goose.

Peeps and Puddles relax on the wheeler

Peeps has become an overnight sensation. The Canada goose from Prior Lake, Minnesota has his own Facebook page, Tik Tok account and has been featured on the news and in newspapers all over the state. The nondescript black and white bird has captured the hearts and minds of hunters and nonhunters alike.

There’s only one problem: his ownership is technically illegal.

Ronnie Hendrickson knows that he was taking a risk, but when the goose was found orphaned, he used his background of raising domestic ducks and geese, (and rescuing wild animals) to raise the bird as his own.

Peeps and Puddles fly along side Ron Hendrickson as he “water” skis across Prior Lake

Peeps quickly learned to follow Ron everywhere, flying alongside his jet ski, walking in the front door and inadvertently becoming a service animal for people suffering from debilitating illnesses.

Peeps was soon joined by another rescue, Puddles. Puddles was brought to Ron by someone else who rescued the goose and thought they would make a great pair.

Recently, Peeps fly a few miles from home, which they’re both free to do. Only this time, he didn’t come home. He tried to climb into a pickup for a ride home and that person, not knowing who Peeps was, called Animal Rescue. The authorities are now holding Peeps and have no intention of giving him back to Ron.

Right or wrong, this is a sad story about a lovable goose who had changed the lives of those it came in contact with. If you’d like to help, there is a petition for his return on his Facebook page here.

We have a short film about Peeps coming soon. In the meantime, here is our interview with Ron on 5/9/21 as he tells us more about the saga of Peeps and what the future might hold.

Peeps and Puddles have become part of the family with Jonni Anderson

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