Cedar Lake Arena – Motocross Pictures

A good friend of the show, Bank Brewing sponsored #77 in a recent race at Cedar Lake Arena near New Richmond, Wisconsin. They’re pretty close to the racer too: its owner Jason Markkula’s son Will. This was my first chance to see Markkula Racing in action (plus it was Will’s 13th birthday!) so I brought the cameras with to take pics and make a video for them. I got asked so much who I was taking pictures for that I started taking pics of as many racers as possible. They’re posted here for anyone that was there that day. Feel free to “copy and paste” and share away. Please tag “Bret Amundson” in your posts. If you’d like to purchase canvas prints, let me know and I can upload them to our photo website! Check back because I took 3,000 pictures that day so I might have more to upload, lol. If you’re looking for a specific person, let me know they’re number and I can take a look. Reach me here. – Bret Amundson

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