Show #382: Shooting a Hooster

A “Hooster” is a hen that turns into a rooster, to put it simply. It’s a rarity that can be overlooked as the head will resemble a young male…continued below.

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This week on Sporting Journal Radio, we talk to Travis Edland who trained his coyote to pheasant hunt. This is after he trapped a coyote that turned out to be a pregnant female, and then performed an emergency c-section on it and birthed 6 pups. Then, he raised them and taught one to understand commands in english and spanish, just because he could. It’s wild. He’s from Cooperstown originally, went to high school in Wahpeton and now lives on the South Dakota side of Lake Hendricks. Also, Joe Henry describes one of the more unique snowmobile trails in Minnesota and Lucas Mertens has an ice conditions update from Devils Lake.

A “hooster”, a hen with hormone issues that has begun taking on male characteristics.

This week on Sporting Journal Radio, we’re at the All Canada Show in Milwaukee at the Tazin Lake Lodge booth. Plus, we learn about hen pheasants that “turn into” males with Jared Wiklund from Pheasants Forever. Also, a 13 pound walleye comes through a 6″ hole on Devils Lake, Curtis Blake from Haybale Heights explains. Then, Joe Henry talks about the NPAA Conference in Wisconsin Dells and how fishing conditions on Lake of the Woods are.

Original Air date 1/4/20

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