Show #375: Rescue on Red Lake Interview, Trail Camera Innovations and ice conditions.

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Rescue on Red Lake

Our first guest this week is one of the anglers who was on Red Lake when a 1-foot crack widened to 30 feet and fire and rescue teams had to use rafts to shuttle the fishermen back to shore across the open water. Dan Amundson shares more details about the rescue, including how they heard about the issue, a water skipping snowmobile and how the fishing was.

Trent Marsh from Spypoint game cameras joins us to talk about camera innovation and the benefits of having images sent directly to your phone. What all is needed for that plan? We’ll find out and we’ll ask him what’s next in camera technology.

Curtis Blake from Haybale Heights Campground and Resort gives us an update from Devils Lake and Joe Henry checks in from Lake of the Woods.

Original Air Date: 11/16/19

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