Wild Game Chef Hank Shaw and LOTW Report

PQC-cover-600pxHank Shaw is coming to Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas to give you a chance to sample recipes from his new book, “Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail”.  He’ll join us on this week’s show to offer tips on cooking waterfowl, what it’s like to commercially fish salmon in Alaska and what to expect at his book dinners. Joe Henry talks Lake of the Woods and Doug Leier has an update from North Dakota.


Here are Hank’s dates and locations:

10/8 – Minneapolis Beer Bash at Fulton Brewing
10/9 – Hotel Landing, Wayzata – Book Dinner
10/10 – Luna, Fargo – Book Dinner
10/12 – Governor’s Pheasant Opener – Luverne
10/13 – South Dakota Beer Bash at A Homestead Brew in Valley Springs, SD
10/20 – The Charmant Hotel, La Crosse, WI – Book Dinner

Other dates and time can be found here. 

Brought to you by:   Lake of the Woods Tourism | Haybale Heights on Devils Lake | Mid Migration Outfitters 

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Original Air Date: 9/22/18


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