Angler Catches Two 51+ inch Pike within 4 days!

Angler Hooks Two 51-inch Pike within 4 days!

Trevor Montgomery, from Prince Albert Saskatchewan, hooked into a giant 51.5” x 22” northern pike on Monday July 3rdon Tazin Lake.  It bested his previous biggest pike by 4 inches.  4 days later, he almost beat that record by catching a 51” x 19”.  In most places, a 40” or 41” pike is considered a trophy so to get two over 50 within a few days of each other on different ends of Tazin Lake is a rare feat.

“I don’t even know what to say,“ Montgomery said. “Wow, is all I can say.  Blessed, that’s for dang sure.”

In 35 years of guiding in western Canada, he’d seen one pike over 51”, a 52.5” fish that one of his guests caught.   And this week, he caught two on Tazin Lake.

The 51.5” pike was caught on a gold Cyclops made by Mepps and the 51” was on a silver Buchertail spinner.

Montgomery is the owner and lead guide of Tazin Lake Lodge in northwestern Saskatchewan and online at



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