This Week On SJRadio: Guns, Dogs and Walleyes

What should you be doing with your dog this time of year?  How much exercise should he be getting and what kind of food is recommended? Karl Gunzar is the Senior Manager of the Sporting Dog Program with Nestle Purina and joins us this week to talk dogs.

Chris Keeler is closing his gunsmithing business in Becker. That means there are a number of items up for auction. What’s on the auction and when does it close? We’ll tell you more plus talk shotgunning tips.

And Joe Henry is back to give us an update on Lake of the Woods.

Bret Amundson, Karl Gunzer from Purina, Anthony Hauck from Pheasants Forever and Jared Wiklund from Pheasants Forever pose with wild South Dakota roosters, along with Wiklund’s black lab Koda, and Amundson’s yellow lab Mika.

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