Are these deer related?

Here are two deer, similar in size and both shot in the same general area – near or inside Itasca State Park. Also, both shot by women, one this year during a special BOW hunt with the MN DNR by a first time hunter. The other, shot 6 years ago by Tammy Dietman. Listen to the story of both deer on this week’s Sporting Journal Radio show.

Also, Greg Kaiser is back to talk about the success he’s having trapping right now and Tony Crotty from Mid Migration Outfitters has a waterfowl migration report for us.

Take a look at the picture and comment if you think these deer are related.

Tammy Dietman (Left) and Jamie Dietman, with Tammy’s 2010 buck.
Tammy Dietman
Naomi Walker (left) and Teresa Head with Teresa’s 2016 giant.


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