Lake of the Woods Report

Cold weather is coming Thursday with single digits on the horizon!  The lake and river are still open.  Fishing had been excellent on the lake.  Anglers no longer fishing the lake by boat as some ice chunks are showing up blocking navigation but the river is still HOT!  Good news is there is a pile of fish just off of Pine Island and in other parts of the basin.  The bays have 2-5 inches of ice.

On the Rainy River, excellent fishing in open water continues.  Some anglers reporting big fish and big numbers.  Anchor up with a jig and minnow.  Evenings best overall but fish being caught all day.

Up at the NW Angle, ice is 6-8 inches on the inlet, 2-6 inches adjacent Young’s Bay.  Some resorts will start to fishthis Friday, but not their normal spots until ice thickens.  It won’t be long, but safety first. Work through resorts as they have the best handle on ice conditions.  Info on resorts and fish houses at

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