MNSJ RADIO: Leslie McInenly, Jay Link and Joe Henry

This week we get the 2015 Deer Regulations explained by the Big Game Program Leader at the MN DNR, Leslie McInenly.  What changes are there this year, why are some areas considered “intensive harvest” and what are people saying about antler-point-restriction and Chronic Wasting Disease.

Jay Link operates Links Wild Safaris and has sent hunters all over the world.  He personally knows the professional hunter who was on the famous lion hunt that’s been on the news.  Jay will help us sift through the stories and rumors to get the facts sorted out and find out what is legal there and what isn’t.

Joe Henry is back with a Lake of the Woods fishing report.  Lots of walleyes on the big lake and in the river, plus muskies and sturgeon too.  And he just wrapped up a tournament on another popular Minnesota lake, he’ll give us the report from there as well.

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