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by Bret Amundson

82714 - eagle lake island lodge last evening-7You remember a story we told last fall about a fishing trip to Eagle Lake Island Lodge.  If not, here’s a little refresher:

82714 - eagle lake island lodge day 2 stuff-19
Bret Amundson with a walleye

We traveled across the Canadian border heading towards Eagle Lake.  There we’d be meeting Andy Grebe at the public access for an escort in the Due North boat towards an island that we’d call home for the next few days.

Ron Buth thanks another Eagle Lake walleye for taking his bait.
Ron Buth thanks another Eagle Lake walleye for taking his bait.

Our goal was to catch walleyes-lots of walleyes-put a muskie in the boat and find out the story behind the lodge.  The story would be good, of course and the fishing would be even better.

Andy is an owner of a lodge in Canada.  On an island on Eagle Lake.  And he did it at 25 years of age.

Ron Buth would be one of our guides and he owned the lodge for over 30 years, so stories of the lake wouldn’t be hard to come by.

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*We’d like to thank Bill Sherck, Eagle Lake Island Lodge and Ron Schara Productions/Due North Outdoors for inviting us along on this great trip!

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