by Bret Amundson

An upcoming auction in Litchfield will be full of guns, ammo, fishing rods, tackle and more as Ron Nistler liquidates his outdoor store.  I spoke with Eric Gabrielson from the Steffes Group about it on this week’s MNSJ Radio Show.

“Ron ran a bait and tackle sporting goods shop for over 30 years,” said Eric Gabrielson from Steffes Group, the organization handling the auction.  “His wife passed away a year ago and he decided to hang it up.”  The shop was on the south side of Litchfield by Lake Ripley.

A Browning A-5 16 gauge is among the guns that will be on the auction block.  “Sweet 16.  Yeah, they’re tougher to find than the 12,” Gabrielson said. “They’re a little more sought after, (and it’s in) nice shape. The guns are all used but in very nice condition.”

They’re also ammo for the 16 gauge, .223 ammo and more.

The guns may have been used, but many other items aren’t.

“I’d say 95% of the items are brand new.”  Rods, reels, tackle, minnow buckets full of gear and more.   It’s not just the inventory that will be up for auction either, it’s everything.

“And when you say everything, it’s right down to the minnow tanks, all the shelving in the building, all the displays-you name it. If you want to get into the business of running a bait and tackle shop, there’s opportunity here to fill your store up.”  Including the rod display racks and mounts on the wall.

The auction is Saturday June 13th in Litchfield.

“We’re just south on 22 from Litchfield, MN,” Gabrielson explained. “We’ve got a large indoor arena, so don’t worry about the rain.”

Here is the complete list of auction items:

LOCATION:  Steffes Group facility, 24400 MN Hwy 22 South, Litchfield, MN 

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This is a partial list. Enormous inventory, to lengthy to list.  Everything in Yellow is more detail of some of the items that are going to be on the sale. Steffes Website

Guns to include:

Browning A-5, semi auto shot gun, 16 gauge

Browning A-5, 12 gauge, automatic

Winchester 12, 12 gauge pump

DPMS AR15, .223/.22 combo

Knight, .54 cal., black powder gun w/scope

Wolf, inline muzzle loader, 50 cal.

Mossberg 500, w/scope, slug barrel, modified choke, & Accu-choke barrel

Browning slug barrel, 20 gauge, barrel only

Crossman 760P, air gun starter kit, special edition (pink)

Daisy 2003, .177 cal., 35 shot repeater

Buck BB, gun, lever auction

Spyder MR1, air paint ball gun w/VL-200 loader

Hi-Point 995, 9mm semi automatic rifle w/laser dot and (4)clips

(2) Shotgun shell reloaders, 12 gauge, w/numerous supplies to include wads, casings, primers, shot, powder, waxier, etc.


300 boxes to include 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge and slugs


200 to include fly, bass, jiggle sticks, Fenwick, Berkley, and Eagle

(Over 75) HT jiggle rods

(20) Fenwick rods

(20) Daiwa rods

(10) Berkley rods

(10) Shimano rods

(Over 100) rods total

(50) Mepps spinners



200 to include closed, open and Accucast

(75) Accucast reels

(100) Assorted reels

Minnow Buckets

100 to include foam, plastic, Crawler hauler and Minno Therm

(250) Assorted minnow buckets

Tackle Boxes

25 to include Flambeau, Plano, softsided, deluxe

Fishing Line

300 spools to include Trilene, Pline, Stren, Berkley, Polar, Suffix

(Over 50 pkgs.) Berkley leaders

(Over 40 pkgs.) Eagle Claw leaders

(40 pkgs.) Trout line


Soft Baits 

500 packages to include Gulp, Havoc, Yamamoto, Storm, Power Bait

(Over 300) Rapala crank baits

(Over 50) Storm crank baits

(50 pkgs.) Apex tackle grubs

(50 pkgs.) Mister Twister plastic worms

(Over 200) Northland Tackle plastic worms

(30 pkgs.) Berkley Gulp minnow grub

(75 pkgs.) Slurpies soft baits

(50 pkgs.) Havoc soft baits

(20 pkgs.) Downer soft baits

(50 pkgs.) Gary Yamamoto soft bait

(1500) Kews flies

(25 pkgs.) Premium spin/buzz

(25) Z-Man chatter bait

(40) Z-Man ultra frogz

(125 pkgs.) Lil Hustler crappie tubes

(100 pkgs.) Kens winter/summer jigs

(20 pkgs.) Berkley power bait

(75 pkgs.) JR’s tackle diamond eye jigs


2000 to include Muskie, Bass, Walleye, Northern, Panfish, etc.

(Over 30) HRT Muskie lures

(50) Snag Proof weed less lures

(400) Daredevils

(25) Buzz baits

(25) Blade spinners


5000 too numerous to detail

(Over 200 pkgs). Eagle Claw hooks

(Over 50 pkgs.) JB Lures hooks

(Over 50 pkgs.) Gamakatsu hooks, colored

(50 pkgs.) Tungsten Hot hooks

(50 pkgs.) Tungsten Skandia hooks

(50 pkgs.) JR’s tackle hooks

(500) Gill-Getter hooks

(500) JB Lures hooks

Other Items to Include

Camping supplies

Boat accessories/parts

Outboard motors/trolling motors

Wildlife collectibles and wall mounts

Spearing equipment

Ice fishing supplies and portable houses

Tow ropes, bouys, inflatable tow tubes

Knives/knives sets

Life jackets

Fish/depth finders

(7) bait tanks

Hunting supplies

Archery supplies




Marine batteries

(Over 10) propane lanterns

500 ft. on display racks & shelving

(12) Wildlife mounts

(50) Wildlife collectible statues

Johnson 50 hp. outboard motor

Poly yard storage unit

Portable campfire pit

(50) Assorted camping lights

(20) Spearing Decoys

(20 pkgs.) Fillet knives

(10) Rain suits

(10) Coolers

(25) Life jackets

(20) Boat ores

(500) Assorted bobbers

(500) Assorted weights

(1000) Assorted jig heads

(250 pkgs.) Lindy rigs



Or Randy Kath of Steffes, 320.693.9371 or 701.429.8894

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