The Best Duck Hunting In the World: MNSJ Radio

This week we are coming to you from the wingshooting capital of the world:  Argentina!  Myself and fellow Minnesotan Jim Riley from Links Wild Safaris made the trek down to Buenos Aires and have had a week full of ducks, doves, perdiz and adventure.  We discuss the trip and how you can get down here on this week’s show.  We also talk to one of our hosts for half the trip, Damian Garcia.   If you don’t have this on your bucket list, you need to.

Also, Dennis Mackedanz from Camp Confidence joins us to talk about this year’s fishing classic.  How does it benefit the community and Camp Confidence?  He’ll explain and talk about how you can help.

Find a station and time to tune in here.

Enjoy a few pictures from our trip: 52115 - brazilian teal wing bw

52115 - argentina sunset 52115 - brazilian teal taking off water 52115 - brazilian teal wing bw 52115 - bret duck hunt kara_ 52115 - parakeets

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