Host Jeremy Wade and the River Monsters crew filmed an episode at Nielson’s Fly-In Lodge that’s set to air this weekend on Animal Planet.  Rowen Lake, Ontario is known for it’s giant muskies and that’s what they were after.  How’d they do?  We’ll try to pry the details from owner Don Pursch.

Don has some great stories about hosting the crew at their remote lake and what it was like cruising across the lake while being filmed by a helicopter!

Tony Crotty from Mid Migration Outfitters is back to put a wrap on the spring snow goose season and offer some decoy tips that you can use for next year.   He also has a migration report for us.

Tyler Scott gets us some last minute turkey tips for those getting ready to head into the woods.  If you don’t have a license yet, he’s got some help to get you your bird as well.   They’re looking for a couple more kids aged 10-16 to take out on a mentored youth hunt.  Contact Tyler today: 218-731-0623.

And Joe Henry has an access report for the Rainy River if you’re planning to head up for walleye and sturgeon.

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