Check out this huge crappie!



Mark Koehnen caught this giant crappie on Lake Waconia.  The tape measure showed an incredible 19″ length and it tipped the scales at 3.26, but the official weighing didn’t take place until at least a day after since the bait shop, In Towne Marina, was closed when he came off the lake.

Mark will be on Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio to talk about landing this lunker…in the meantime, enjoy these pictures!

There’s debate about what type of crappie this is: white, black or a mix of the two? What do you think?

Mark Koehnen and his 19" crappie
Mark Koehnen and his 19″ crappie


19 inch crappie tape measure

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  1. Most likely a black crappie. Black and hybrid are the only possible choices as the crappie in question has 7 dorsal spines, white crappies only have a maximum of 6. Nice catch

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