Lake of the Woods Fishing Report


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Grace and Eben with a walleye
Grace and Eben with a walleye

Some good reports this week.  Fish are spread out, electronics and focusing on fishing helps the fish bucket.  Good reports between Knight and Bridges islands and Garden Island in 27-33′.  A morning bite reported in 18′ off of Pine Island.  Around Zippel, fishing structure in 23 – 30′ best with some morning action shallow.  Reefs off of Long Point producing mixed bag with some jumbo perch mixed in.  Combo of walleyes and saugers the norm.  Most groups catching supper each day, many limits and mixed in trophies.

On the Rainy River, frozen shiners in 15-20′ with orange or chartreuse is still the go to.  Some sturgeon being caught and released.  Please work through outfitters and bait shops and know where you are going on ice.

Up at the NW Angle good fishing continues around reefs in 23 – 30′.  Jig one line, dead stick second line.  A mixed bag, with more walleyes than saugers.  Some jumbo perch, pike and eelpout mixed in.  Big crappies on the Canadian side continue.  Fish houses on ice through March 31st.  Walleye season open to April 14th.

Jakob, ice fishing, walleye
Jakob with a walleye

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