MNSJ RADIO: Wolves, Lake of the Woods and Ice Fishing Contests



This week on MNSJ Radio we get more on the ruling that took place in Federal court last week regarding the great lakes wolves.  (They’re back on the endangered/threatened list, read the ruling here.)

Chris Niskanen from the MN DNR explains what that means for Minnesotans and how the DNR will be handling the situation.  Here’s more info from the DNR

Joe Henry gets us an update on Lake of the Woods-how the fishing is, how the ice is and what part of the lake is doing better than the others.

Butch De La Hunt explains the $110,000 in prizes that you can win at the 17th Annual Park Rapids American Legion Community Fishing Tournament that is taking place on Fish Hook Lake on Saturday February 7th.

Tune in this weekend to hear more!


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