The Car Stuck Buck

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Eric Tomoson's big buck from western Minnesota
Eric Tomoson’s big buck from western Minnesota


Eric Tomoson sent in this story about his western Minnesota buck and how some days, the luck is on your side. 


The buck measured 158 7/8. With deductions scored 156. Weighed 175 field dressed. Shot morning of November 15th. Temp Was 0°. Wind was 5 mph out of south.

It came out of wildlife and walked 25 yards from my stand and stood broadside to it. Unfortunately I wasn’t in it because I had buried my vehicle in a snow bank. By the time I gave up on getting it out, it was daylight. So I snuck down the west side of the grove that I was stuck by. He started walking towards two doe that were on the east side of the grove. He got about 125 yds out and I decided to take the shot. Hit him with 1st shot and dropped him with 5th. I walked out towards him and he got up and ran. I was out of shells. So I chewed myself out all the way to my vehicle. My son Gage and I grabbed more shells and started to track it. We found him in the grove where my stand is. We walked up within 15′. He was looking right at us, so I had to shoot him in the heart.


Nobody that I know of had seen him before. First deer going on the wall. Taking it to Brunko Taxidermy in Morris, mn. I shot it with my Remington 1187 with fully rifled barrel and open sights, using Winchester XP3 sabot slugs.


Congrats Eric, nice buck!

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