Big Douglas County Buck! Check out this rack!

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amber mclellan 2

Amber McClellan sent us this great buck and told us the story:


1) How big was the deer? What did it score and what day did you shoot it? Did you shoot it with: bow, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader? In what county? 
This deer was 225 lbs its gross score 162.75

I shot it with a 12g shotgun in Douglas co. On November 8th at 7am.

2) Have you known about this deer for a couple of years? 
No i didnt know about this deer.

3) Do you have trail cam pictures?
This deer wasnt on any trail cams pictures.

4) Did you or anyone else ever have the chance to shoot it before? 
My dad who is an all out hunter thought he passed this deer up last year muzzle loading.

amber mclellan 1
5) Have you shot many big deer before? 
This is my first trophy deer.

6) Did the neighbors know about this deer? 
I dont know if the neighbors had seen this deer.

7) Tell me about the day you shot it…was it cold, windy, rainy?
The day was alittle windy. The sun was out.
amber mclellan 4
8) Were you hunting this deer specifically?
I was not specifically hunting for this year. My father bow hunts and had been sitting in this same stand the whole week before and hadn’t seen him. 

9) Where did it come from? Was it chasing a doe? 
This buck wasn’t chasing any does. It walked directly up on me. If I could have gotten out of my stand and taken two steps, I could have touched him!

10) Tell me about the shot:
As I said he walked up on me. Walked left about 10 yards…turned left towards some thick brush and that’s when I shot. 

11) Did it go far? 
He ran 10 more yards and fell over.

12) Did you realize how big it was before you walked up to it?
At first I didn’t realize he was as big as he was…I was trying to keep my adrenaline down. (as he walked towards me) I counted the one side and knew there were 4 tines- the two middle and after that i knew it was ok to shoot. I hunt with my father and we don’t shoot anything under 8-points.

amber mclellan 3

Congrats Amber, great buck!

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